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Kristina Martin – Accurate Psychic Readings

Kristina Martin is the ultimate in accurate Psychic Readings. Kristina has been involved with metaphysics for most of my life. Born with a strong psychic talent; this knowledge and power destined to be used to help and to heal humanity. A professional platform where people from all walks of life can contact me for insight into any matters of concern; be they personal or business matters. I have been a private consultant to thousands of people.

My passion for the spiritual, for the understanding that comes with clairvoyance, and for our connection to divine energy is matched by my passion for art. This does not diminish either side of my character, for these two loves are not working in opposition. Instead, they are one and the same – two sides of the same coin as I pursue my journey.

The best art is not straightforward, nor is it instantly decipherable. Instead, it is complex and rich. The best art rewards closer inspection and shows us more than what is simply taking place on the surface. In this sense, it reflects the spiritual journey; the journey towards more profound levels of awareness, both of the self and of the world, or worlds, around us.

This is why I hope you can take some time to appreciate my artwork as it was intended. These pieces are inspired by my own journeys into the spiritual world, as well as those undertaken for clients. They do not provide a window into another plane or any sort of roadmap for a spiritual journey. Instead, they are distillations of the purity of experience that comes from crossing to the other side and communing with a spirit guide at an astral level; they are trails of inspiration that I have followed in an effort to create interesting and unique pieces of art that contain meanings, many can relate to.

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